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Posted on: February 20, 2009 11:03 pm

LeBron James is amazing

It's no surprise that there is rampant talk about LeBron James leaving Cleveland when his contract is up and he is able to test the free agent waters. While many Cleveland fans such as myself wonder how much is enough money, as he is certainly comfortable for the rest of his life, I guess he would like to be on the big stage like New York or Brooklyn, should the Nets finally end up moving from New Jersey. Jay-Z, glitz, even more fame, etc. How much is enough? We'll never know, but he must feel there is something a little more that he cannot get making his living in the rust belt.

It's a shame, too. LeBron is the best chance for the sleepy, bankrupt city of Cleveland,which once had the river catch fire, to get a championship in sports. The town would go wild. While basketball is not my favorite sport, there are many who are drawn to the arena each night knowing this could be it. The Cavaliers are not the favorite in the East, as the Boston Celtics are the champs and the best team until someone beats them. The Orlando Magic might even be a little more rounded of a team with the addition of Rafer Alston to an already talented bunch. Only time will tell.

Anyway, LeBron had 47 points after three quarters in Milwaukee and instead of all of the doom and gloom, Cleveland sports fans simply need to live in the present and enjoy what we're seeing. LeBron is perhaps the only superstar in Cleveland sports history. Sure, there has been Manny Ramirez, Kenny Lofton, Bernie Kosar, etc. in the past, but perhaps no one has been bigger than LeBron since maybe Jim Brown. That's saying something...

So enjoy him now. Because he might leave...he might not...but we'll see. For now, enjoy it and let's see if winning a championship this year changes his tune and makes him want to stay. That might be the only thing that prevents him from moving on.

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